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I’m Daymor – Musician & Vocalist

Introducing myself, I’m Daymor Moses, the guy with a bass fiddle as big as me! I was born in Arkansas and raised in Long Beach, California. Music has been a part of my life since a young age, and I quickly fell in love with the soul-stirring sound of the steel guitar. I started taking lessons on a lap steel and soon enough, my instrument collection grew bigger than my stack of books for school. My taste in music is as diverse as my assortment of instruments. I adore everything from Southern Gospel to Pop, Country, and Jazz. If a song has a catchy tune and a good beat, count me in! I’ve been fortunate enough to take lessons with Tony Brown, the pianist for the Stamps quartet that backed up the legendary Elvis Presley, although I’m not one to drop names. When I’m not engrossed in playing music, I’m busy recording it. Over the years, I’ve produced and recorded Gospel albums, Christmas albums, and even an album titled “Songs of Yesterday.” It’s enough to make your head spin! For the past two decades, I’ve been traveling across the country, performing at various events like corporate gatherings, country clubs, private parties, and restaurants. I’ve even had the pleasure of playing in places like Hawaii, Minnesota, and Florida! Basically, wherever there’s an audience and a musical instrument within reach, you can bet I’ll be there. With my contagious passion for music and my broad appreciation for different genres, I’m the ideal choice for any occasion. Whether you’re craving toe-tapping country tunes or the smooth vibes of jazz, I’ve got you covered. And who knows, if you’re lucky, you might catch me pulling out that bass fiddle again!

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